Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Our IT staffing with agile capability secures and optimize the most strategic and variable component to success- “Resource”. We begin our process by studying your business goals and the discrepancies between your current and future goals. We then process the resources in strategic areas to bridge the gaps in your business.

Complete Workforce Solutions:

Your success is our motto. Your success lies in achieving your target - in time and within budget. We have acquired the reputation of process driven IT staffing provider. We arrange an array of workforce solutions and service delivery models to equip you with the people, skills and competencies required to excel IT.

Contract Staffing

High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support Contract professionals boost flexibility and productivity. Nearly three million contract professionals go to work at U.S. firms every day. Contract staffing goes by many names — staff augmentation, temporary staffing, contingent labor, consulting. Whatever term you use, it's a recognized and sensible strategy to support your short-term needs and long-term growth. Contract staffing is one of the Version IT's key services.

If you are looking to expand staffing levels with minimal risk, Version IT can provide the highly skilled, mid- to senior-level contract professionals you need. Advantages include: Thorough screening and assessment according to exact specifications

Assurance of sourcing highly qualified personnel, even in tight labor markets
Immediate response from dedicated and specialized recruiting sector.
Constantly expanding the talent pool so we're ready when you call
Consultants who are valued as an integral part of our team, and therefore yours

Benefits of Using Contract Staffing

Flexibility is just the beginning. In an American Staffing Association poll, 90% of respondents agreed that 'Staffing companies offer flexibility to businesses so that they can keep fully staffed during busy times.' Staffing challenges can arise for number reasons and a few to mention are - business growth, demand cycles, technology implementations and mergers and acquisitions.

Skilled contract professionals provide extra support and infuse critical knowledge to your organization. Taking advantage for critical business functions and operations support also leaves more time for leadership to focus on strategic initiatives. Furthermore, you can:

Manage project overflow, peak periods and special assignments
Increase responsiveness to your external and internal customers
Outsource the burden of recruiting, hiring and paying contingent workers
Keep your permanent staff focused on more challenging, interesting and substantive work
Reduce employee “burn-out” by supplementing your core staff with contract employees
Take advantage of flexible pricing options to save money; and
Manage your department or unit more efficiently.

Route to proven full-time employees

Besides flexibility, businesses also look to staffing firms as a good source of talent for permanent employees. Referred to as contract-to-hire (or temp-to-perm), you may wish to convert successful consultants to a full-time career with your organization. That gives both parties a chance to ‘test the waters,' and it's fine with us.

Direct Placements: Contract-to-hire and direct hires for longer-term needs

Direct Placement Services:

We help you identify talented, highly experienced IT professionals who are an ideal match with your organization's culture. Though we often focus on contract positions, which give you the opportunity to gauge the IT professional on a temporary basis with no commitment from you, when you need to fill a direct hire position, we streamline the entire process for you.

We Market Your Value Proposition

Version IT's Talent Acquisition Analysts' understand today's extremely competitive IT job market and the challenges you face when searching for top IT talent. Many critical positions are extremely difficult to fill. We take the time to know your business, to fully understand your culture and what makes an ideal fit for you and your team. With this detailed insight, we help you create. Here are brief Application Skills and Technologies Version IT is capable of.

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