Market Research

Market Research

Why It's Critical For the Success of Your Business

Market Research is the process of gathering data on products and services to determine whether the product or service will satisfy customer's needs. Market research helps us identify market trends, demographics, economic shifts, customer's buying habits, and important information on competition. This information is essential to the success of your business. It will guide you in making strategic business products or services. In short, market research helps you to: communicate effectively, identify and understand opportunities, pinpoint obstacles or problems and benchmark and evaluate your success. We combine deep research expertise, qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies and our own technology to deliver critical knowledge of your market. To accomplish this : Version IT has necessary capabilities, experience and resources including trained staff, defined processes, technology and tools to provide Primary Research services using multiple methodologies including CATI, CAWI & CAPI/PAPI.

Version IT has a proven track of providing primary research services to its clients within the specified time frame and maintaining the quality standards.

Version IT has an in-house team who are experienced in quality data collection.

We excel in in-depth experience in multiple data collection methodologies, including phone, phone-to-web, web, face-to-face and email.

We have unsurpassed experience in data collection using various CATI, CAWI, CAPI platforms and tools.

As a custom global market research company, Version IT offers a variety of research solutions and methodologies

Attitude, Opinion, Perception, Usage & Buyer Behavior Research
Best Practices Research
Brand Equity Research
Brand Positioning Research
Concept Testing Research
Customer Experience Research
Entertainment & Media Market Research
Event Market Research
Generational Market Research
IT Market Research
Market Segmentation Market Research
Mobile Market Research
Medical Market Research
Name Development Market Research
New Product Development Market Research

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