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About Version IT

Version IT systems strives to bridge technology gaps for every business out there. Its core processes stem from the very rudimentary fact that only those businesses who learn to walk with the changing trends in technology, can sustain the waves of volatile consumer needs. Version IT systems offers its clients exactly what they seek – competitive prices, vast assortment of advanced solutions and convnient interaction.

We function in a highly customer-centric and cost-considerate approach in order to ensure that your business envisions larger than life goals and surges forward to accomplish the same. We offer a host of unique solutions such as Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Integration, Platform Modernization and Cloud Solutions for your business to create a dependable reputation in the global market. We also offer a plethora of vital services like Product Development, Product Testing, Quality Assurance, Infrastructure and Staffing Services which give your business the much desired competitive edge against your market opponents.

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About Version IT

Our History

Version IT is a rapidly growing, young & energetic organization with its wings spanning across IT Services, Software Development, Market Research & Analytics, Research & Development, IT Enabled Service. In simple words Version IT is a techno hub.

Keeping our customers paramount Version IT offers a plethora of software expertise and services. The continuum in our growth and success is dependent wholly on our unrestrained commitment to our clients in providing cost effective, high quality, competitive solutions.

Version IT is founded on highly skilled IT, Engineering & Market Research professionals who contribute their plenary services to the clients. A majority of our technocrats and owner(s) possess global partners dynamically engaging in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Ireland and USA. Version IT is aspiring to lead the IT, Market Research and the Engineering sectors. Version IT is at par and even far surpasses its top notch competitors in quest for knowledge and has established services acclaimed by the companies in the money vertical.

Version IT made its strategic choices:

  • Stay focused on the money vertical - BFSI segment, Advertising & Media, Travel & Telecom and Energy segments
  • Create lasting value in only a few relationships
  • Partner with the pioneers
  • Dominate the Domain
  • Build Turnkey capabilities - Solutions, Services and concentrating on Products
Global Mission

To be a reliable and responsive techno-business solution partner, and provide; Cost-effective, Timely Solutions, Meeting Customer Expectation through continuous process improvement, and maintain win-win relationships in all the verticals.

Clear Vision

To deliver successful next generation technology services through constant evolution and innovation to keep abreast with the ever changing industry. Our foremost aim is to enable our clients and employees to create professional and personal success, by providing rapid response, informed expertise and high quality solutions.

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